New York Stories-The aftermath and the working class!!


Rhetoric with more potential than the crime

New York and many images amongst the grime

But anger now and cant

I deliver a working class rant


America the home of the free

So it is told to you and me

Defender of democracy and the right

Or is it just more that we are white?


Cuba and America’s might

Pigs in the Bay

Who runs the CIA?

And all their dirty deals


How many human lives they steal

What of 73 and Chile Mr Bush

Was that not democracy you gave the push?

The terrorists you train and arm

Now brings America harm


In America prison growth alarms

Texas and the hanging governor

Of the violent and poor

Whose sons does his war call?

Whose houses empty halls?


Ground Zero where the buildings fall

Rescue worker heroes

On top of the rubble

Humanity in a huddle

Bush grabs fireman’s shoulders

We are one

Will he be there for your son

When the dying is done?

Feminist academics in glass towers

Distorted tales of ‘princessland’ and male power

No fault female in their tales

Men way beyond the pale

50 million words on machismo

50 million more on men and all their flaws

But to whom do they call to war?


And please, you fems, put those tomatoes back on the floor

It’s just that I find much of the radical writing grating

More honesty on human relating

In the half hour between the trick and the pro

Particularly as off to war it is the belittled man who goes


Gangster rap from the land of the free

Ghetto men socially dispossessed

Jobs for their class a mess

In search of respect and place

Street culture now with mace

And songs in distaste

With women as bitches and hos

When it is at Bush they should ‘blow’

And to your war these men will go.


In poor economy the poppy grows

One of capitals plots

The seed of personal rot

The Taliban in display in display cuts Soprano’s crop

Less crack in the ghettos

Shooting up daughters could be stopped

But is aid returned and Afghanistan thanked

Certainly not by the Yanks

The global marketplace and their banks.

Ghetto misery, mere trifle

Amongst heaps for money for rifles


Summer heat and acrid fumes stifle

But on Wall St the money’s got to flow

Firemen ‘our heroes’ push stock exchange button

Another day they just so much mutton

To these black suits

In this feeding pool of the glutton

I say stick your button

Life was easier and less harm

Picking food up direct from the farm


On this stage the rant

As working class we pant

Just wanting some more of yours

For which we do chant!              Max 2002-03

About mountainmax

My musings including poetry and photography reflect myself as a man concerned about the world, our country (New Zealand), our society, our community and relationships between us humans…being... I have through my life worked in menial jobs, self employed manual and trades, computer operations, farmed as a left over hippy dream (actually more of a punk with internalised spikes) on a small holding, and photography including watching that dream evaporate during the recent recession with the failure to make this as a business pay...I recently worked in a support role at a ‘not for profit’ outdoor education and pursuits centre located in the bush (wilderness)...4 years in the bush was enough for me and I am currently enjoying being back in the city and the life style that goes with that...that and working under corporate style management complete with 'green-washing' to claim environmental integrity that frankly did not exist. While the ethical value of the education in my employment held my attention, the ethical value seems to excuse a poor rate of pay. For me this is reflective of how we as a nation (in common with many other western societies) values contribution to our society. At the other extreme we have a financial 1%er as our current Prime Minister who made his fortune manipulating money in the neo-liberal/globalisation marketplace which he continues to hold up as the nirvana in our lives... I am now in the autumn (fall) season of my life. From this vantage I now appreciate the learning from all manner of experience including the exposure through a radical father to 1960 and 70’s political agitation, human angst of relationship failure, gender conflict in our family legal systems, mental illness and the real life effects of drugs... All overlaid with more recent formal academic study in sociology with some education, anthropology, social policy and history within which gender issues were specifically engaged with... The ‘melting pot’ of experience gives me the cynical idea that most of us are manipulated ‘rats’ on a treadmill. Living life wrestling with barriers to progress as individuals and between us in community, in a world run by psychopaths... … Perversely, I have a sense of excitement at the world we live in, in particular the expansion of the possibilities to communicate to a wider audience, to get past the ‘gate keepers’ in the digital era and to communicate your own truth, to tell our own stories. (see posted extended reasoning for my muse).
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1 Response to New York Stories-The aftermath and the working class!!

  1. mountainmax says:

    Wrote New York stories probably 2002 given the lack of reference to Iraq. It seems again current given Obama’s recent ‘sabre rattling’ as he seek once again to continue US world bully stance and feeding the balance sheets for war mongering corporations.

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