The Fraud of ‘Socially Concerned’ Commentators-NZ.

For 2014, long winded attempts to connect all the ‘dots’, will recognise shorter attention spans by attempting to contain articles to single threads.  Good luck to me I say.  For me the single social issue for our New Zealand society is the impact of the ‘cult of the individual’ or the pursuit of personal fulfilment vs what used to held up as the social cornerstone of society, the family which I define as nuclear and extended natural (whanau) or blood relations. My main emphasise is to focus on destructive nature of gender division but always recognising that economic considerations circumscribe the social, that economics informs the  reason behind most social activity and changes.    I will retain integrity of the ‘dots’ or argument across various articles.

In recent times getting more involved with on-line political discussion blogs, articles and facebook pages I have been disgusted with the degree of censorship and blocking/expulsion of commenters  expressing contrary views.  In recent months I have been blatantly censored from several articles and ultimately expelled from two major sites of ‘debate’.  Confirming my reaction of disgust has been conversation with others, likewise treated.  My judgement has included a view of their attempted postings.  The replies or rebuttal to comments very quickly leave being message directed and become personal ‘attack’.  The so called moderators and/or authors of articles fail to police such behaviour but rather than allowing open debate including the name calling, they judge and then expel the ‘trouble maker’, the ‘trouble maker’ comments are often post-erased but their name is left within the comments attacking them.   There is no ‘right of reply’ to the criticisms directed at the ‘trouble maker’ and no alert put up by the ‘moderator’ that this person has been expelled and their comments erased let alone any explanation. All of which is a necessary ingredient to any claim to integrity on the part of the author or moderator.

Most casual observers will simply judge that the person has moved on as is common in the net world in any event. I have posted on  the details of these censurers’ of debate and the ‘offending’ comments. 

What is left is an incestuous self-affirming bunch of non-critical thinkers that perpetuate their own thoughts through the voice of like thinkers.  If they were fucking each other we would see parallels to the in-breeds of duelling banjo country but in this scenario we have no lasting music!

Why does this matter?  Well it really matters when the same social ills continue to grip our society decade after decade and these ‘in-breeds’ are now part of the orthodox social thinking and mainstream ‘voice’ that has failed to deal with these social failings.  No problem has ever been fully fixed at any time in history without fully looking at all the components to the problem. Sure a finger in one leak fixes that leak but pressure is added to the next weakest area!

For you in the street keeping your head down, going about your daily struggles and your Saturday barbeque you may in your self-involved focus successfully ignore such as domestic violence, the campaigns about such and the overarching feminist ideology that informs much of New Zealand socio-political policy either directly in such as Ministry for Social Development or elsewhere because it suits the real power puppeteers in various arenas.  But someone in your family will divorce, will suffer through the family court; have their education outcomes impacted by what sexual organ they have and be more likely to warrant social and criminal suspicion based on having a penis than not. 

All the while this grotesque gender divide serves to allow our attention to diverted from the issues that are screwing both halves of the human species that occupy the realm of ordinary folk going about their lives.

About mountainmax

My musings including poetry and photography reflect myself as a man concerned about the world, our country (New Zealand), our society, our community and relationships between us humans…being... I have through my life worked in menial jobs, self employed manual and trades, computer operations, farmed as a left over hippy dream (actually more of a punk with internalised spikes) on a small holding, and photography including watching that dream evaporate during the recent recession with the failure to make this as a business pay...I recently worked in a support role at a ‘not for profit’ outdoor education and pursuits centre located in the bush (wilderness)...4 years in the bush was enough for me and I am currently enjoying being back in the city and the life style that goes with that...that and working under corporate style management complete with 'green-washing' to claim environmental integrity that frankly did not exist. While the ethical value of the education in my employment held my attention, the ethical value seems to excuse a poor rate of pay. For me this is reflective of how we as a nation (in common with many other western societies) values contribution to our society. At the other extreme we have a financial 1%er as our current Prime Minister who made his fortune manipulating money in the neo-liberal/globalisation marketplace which he continues to hold up as the nirvana in our lives... I am now in the autumn (fall) season of my life. From this vantage I now appreciate the learning from all manner of experience including the exposure through a radical father to 1960 and 70’s political agitation, human angst of relationship failure, gender conflict in our family legal systems, mental illness and the real life effects of drugs... All overlaid with more recent formal academic study in sociology with some education, anthropology, social policy and history within which gender issues were specifically engaged with... The ‘melting pot’ of experience gives me the cynical idea that most of us are manipulated ‘rats’ on a treadmill. Living life wrestling with barriers to progress as individuals and between us in community, in a world run by psychopaths... … Perversely, I have a sense of excitement at the world we live in, in particular the expansion of the possibilities to communicate to a wider audience, to get past the ‘gate keepers’ in the digital era and to communicate your own truth, to tell our own stories. (see posted extended reasoning for my muse).
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