The Walking Penis…

A rant on the gendered war, ‘friends’, ‘family’ and moving forward:

The lessons for me from the last few years is that friendship and even personal relationship with relatives is a conditional and fickle thing so at this age I give less of fuck towards maintaining links with such.
It is sad that the majority of us are self-centered humans seemingly incapable of observing and learning from the fuck ups of the generation prior…we/you move forward with an arrogance of knowing what is best and my journey going forward should be to relax and leave you to the fuckups coming your way.

However it is impossible to stay clear of current gendered bullshit without severely curtailing normal life. To take one feminist ‘thought’ on objectification. Men as an abstract mass are seen as a walking erection looking for any innocence hole to impose upon and just for kicks this erection will when flaccid give the bash to women and children just ’cause we feel like it.

This ‘all men are rapists’ ‘thinking’ of the last 30 to 40 years is at the root of the gendered fear campaign conducted by radical feminist ideology. It is ideology broadcast near and far by the marketplace because it suits the aspirations of the marketplace.  After 50 years feminist ‘thinking’ is what has served to ‘inform’ all manner of socio-political legislation and regulations in the arena of safety, protection, ‘family’ divorce legislation alongside general ‘justice’. It is epitomized by the specter of a piece of vermin running the NZ Labour party (main left wing party) before the last election apologizing for being a man.

‘Vermin’ may be harsh but that is one interpretation of the left abandoning its roots in the class struggle for men alongside women and selling out to feminist clap trap because it sees this as the path to gain power through the women’s vote. The really sad thing for ordinary people is that there is no real power for either the left or the right now in the face of a globalised marketplace co-ordinated by a very powerful and increasingly moneyed elite (80 billionaires now have more wealth than half the population of the world). All parties support the current marketplace which has the primary function of profit, for owners and shareholders, at whatever cost to the masses and the environment.

A few days ago I received endorsement on my ‘stopthegenderwarnz’ facebook page for my letter ‘to my Aussie niece’ (who posted a poster on men rape 1in6 women and then we misname the sharks as predators) from the world respected Erin Pizzy, the founder of domestic violence refuges. This ego ‘boost’ from someone with a life-time of ‘front-line’ involvement in domestic violence and with the extremes of feminist politics in this arena enables me to know I am on the right path. However the lack of any positive support from real life friends and family on my personal fb page flattens that enthusiasm for the task on-going but worse the silence actually disgusts me.

I had a friend who was proud of her university attending daughter who was in her words a radical feminist which given the daughter’s middle eastern heritage may have had merits when focusing solely on her origins. Her late teen son was between Mcjobs and had no idea what he wanted to do. I stated I believe there to be no merit for feminist agitation in the western world anymore and that worse it is a divide and rule agency for promotion of the globalised consumerist marketplace. Dysfunction and failure sells greater product than does stability. (Let’s stop being stupid on this matter…war is the greatest money making venture ever known to the banksters like Rothschilds and manufacturers like Rockefellers etc…social dysfunction in a ‘peaceful’ western country is just a minor more palatable version of such). She saw no problem with her son or that he was part of the neglect our society has extended towards males in general and most certainly towards our sons in terms of education and thus a stake in society. Her self-centred ‘head in the sand’ myopic focus on life is exactly what the puppetmasters want. Our society is what it is and what it will become because the majority is exactly of her ilk.

I am sure there were many proud German parents that watched their children go off to involve themselves in Hitler youth projects or their older teens joining the brown shirts. Segregating and vilifying people according to clearly defined criteria worked well for the ideology fronted by Hitler/Himmler and the feminists as promoted by the marketplace learnt those lessons well.

I guess we as a society get exactly what we directly support which includes the many who seek to shut down dissenters. The deterioration of society is also down to those who fail to speak up and who fail to take any action against what is objected to. Changes for the worse may happen anyway whether action is taken but in speaking up or doing stuff against those changes means you know you did what you could to maintain a decent society.

For myself I see clearly the erosion of healthy interaction between the sexes and in recent years I have seen that this is deliberate and part of a multi-pronged attack aimed at keeping us divided and thus much more easily ruled.
I only have to view my life and the snippets of relatives lives to have a clear understanding that domestic violence is a human issue and not the ‘bad male-innocence female’ scenario feminist ideology has foisted upon society as the ‘truth’. Back at the grass roots of this gender war and why I am feeling low and ready to give up on my so-called family and friends. I believe there to be at least two male and a female relatives that have suffered physical abuse from a female partner/wife or mother. Conversely I have been in relationship with two women who were abused as children and then later raped as a teen or adult. To make one situation more pertinent to my objections to feminist ideology is that the worst damage done was a rape by a woman.

What we have in our society are some mentally/emotionally dysfunctional people, male and female, doing terrible things to other vulnerable people and at the same time almost certainly to have suffered abuse themselves as kids. I myself was assaulted by my ex-wife on three occasions and falsely accused of sexually molesting one of my daughter (an idea she got from a neighbour’s real situation) which she used to booster her claims during the bitter child custody proceedings which ranged across 1992 to 1996 where her severe mental illness was totally ignored by the system. I also went onto emotionally abuse a partner in reaction to her emotional and material theft when she ended things and was again put through the ‘family’ court/ ‘legal’ system in the late 1990’s which heard or accepted not one word from me and then to put the boot in finalised the material theft of what property I had left after my marriage.

Years ago I was also questioned once in a vague way by a sister on behalf of some friends who were concerned about something their five year old daughter had said about her school day…I had driven passed the school and beeped my car horn in recognition. A few years back I was assaulted and threatened with bodily harm by a 30 some female flatmate, she was 5’ high and I had absolute clarity on how things would ‘go’ for me if I dared to defend myself. My ‘fear’ of her was so severe that I got my ex-partner and son to help me shift out within two days. The police refused to do anything about the threats to get her friends to beat me up and the subsequent financial penalty awarded against her in the dispute court was never received or reinforced by the system. Three years ago I was taken aside by the Hamilton police at a music concert where everyone was taking photographs of the acts performing and my camera searched for ‘inappropriate’ images. My crime was clearly being a middle aged male in a majority young age crowd. Because the social image of mid/old aged males now is that of being perverts with uncontrollable dicks. In more recent times a three sentence terse conversation to a woman at work who had created a chaotic unworkable situation in the arena of my responsibility got turned into my being abusive and then used as one reason to fire me. Bullying that I endured for several months when trying to ensure my job was done as described in my position description and said bullying detailed in writing to management was ignored…why because I was male and could ‘take it’? Because women are more important than men in our society…where is the power us males are meant to have or indeed the equality claimed is a obscene myth?

I do not believe my life has been that different from the experiences of many men and especially men who have been shut out of being a day to day father to their kids. However it makes me fucking angry that this is the routine world ‘we’ have allowed to develop around us. What happened to trust, to respect?

My reaction is itself ‘sick’, I now make very sure I am never around children alone despite having raised 6 kids through the nappy age, at least, and I am always wary about close contact with women I perceive as hostile.
Recently I had a sibling that decided not just to disagree, which is fine, on another topic but to cast aspirations about my character and intellect…with instead of arguing the points calling me out as a conspiracy nutter complete with eyes rolled…ignored was the fact that as a result of my maulings in the ‘family’ court which lasted from 1992 to 1998 I formally studied society for 4 years at uni in the early 2000’s and have devoted many hundreds if not thousands of hours to research to all manner of subjects connected to society in the 15-20 odd years since waking up to this gender war…shaming and putdowns make you part of the active element actually supporting the current direction of this society and in that I am ashamed for our dad’s political legacy in this arena. His was another life wasted in the face of what society has become.

It saddens me that each generation seems unable to learn from the previous and that people seem unable to grasp the idea that based purely on stats at least 50% of you men of the younger age groups are going to experience some version of my trauma wanting to remain in your kids lives. Or that as paternal grandparents your right to see those grandkids is purely on the goodwill of the mother.

In terms of the natural order men are biologically programmed to one way or another spread his seed as far as possible. Just like the bull amongst the cows it is not in his interest to cooperate with and help any other male. However we do not live in the paddock or cave anymore and what we as men deal with every day is the consequence of socialisation according to an ideology which at this point in our history is actually harmful to our health as men and as humans in relationship between the sexes.

The state at the behest of the marketplace and aided and fully abetted by radical feminist ideology seeks to replace fathers amongst our families and in the community. We live in the period of social engineering where ‘daddy state’ replaces you and you become merely a sperm donor and the walking wallet to fund such and at any point you are part of the disposable sex.

At some level and to varying degrees I am disgusted with many men in my extended family, amongst my steadily decreasing real life friends and in the general population.

Why are you silent in the face of open season routine denigration of men in general, with a specialised focus on white men? This sexism ranges from the routine ‘funny’ from a woman stating ‘he never grows up’ (to what standards, hers?) or that she has 3 kids at home including the husband and right on up to the male hate, obscene ‘all men are rapists’ repeated in various guises for the last 40 years including the offending poster posted on facebook by a niece, where men rape 1in6 women and thus the title of predator is incorrectly applied to sharks in Australian waters.   When the fuck do you thick shits wake up? This poster and its ilk are about you as you are seen by those who do not know you (and of course some that do). It is not some fun political movement it is an ideology that destroys lives.

To the family men out there where is your voice on behalf of your son who grows up in this disrespected environment? What do you believe his response should be to being marked down at school in the feminised environment, to being dismissed or chastised because he is male and seeks to be more robust in his play? Where is your voice on behalf of your daughters that will seek to associate with this socially disrespected male or that seeks to enjoy life in this artificially hyped up environment of distrust and fear? Worse though is that this climate of disrespect will actually contribute to an increase in gendered violence and again this is by design. Want to actually protect your daughter well speak up on behalf of our sons too and create a healthy society.

Is the ‘silence’ because ‘her at home’ might disapprove of your thinking or voice…might you get an ‘ear full’, get the cold shoulder or miss out on a fuck tonight? Or is it simply that you want to maintain the possibility of sex with women, unknown, so you don’t rock the gender boat and fuck the brothers that don’t make it…less competition for you ah!

Worse are you so mistrusting of your own sex that you actually agree with whatever outlandish claim radical feminism makes? Christ we all know Jimmy Saville is just the tip of the sex predator ice burg and we have a penis that is simply uncontrollable…right?

Well fucking wrong, why do you and why does society fail to recognise that the good deeds of men to our society outweighs the ill of the few. Recently it was a mother in Aussie that killed her 8 kids or the woman a couple of years ago (also Aussie) that killed, skinned and feed her partner to his kids…where was the feminist call for work to be done in the arena of women as perpetrators?

As regards the good of men, my partner recently observed that the vast majority of humans doing physical rescue of animals (and for that matter other humans) are men.
Men on average when it comes to the potential of gaining or maintaining access to sex are entirely self-serving. There is no united front for us bro’s. Few of us take any notice of the plight of another man…screwed over by an anti-male divorce court bizarrely called the family court with little or no access to his kids…must be somehow his fault, maybe he was abusive to them…maybe he did molest that daughter…fuck him anyway until it your time to get screwed over and then maybe the penny drops as to where the power has gone that you have constantly been lied to as being yours. Fifty percent of you who marry and have kids will get to experience some version of this social dysfunction by design of the marketplace.

In the street or home in those moments of relationship heat…it’s his fault…he’s obviously done something bad to incur female reaction/argument. Worse though in this era of extreme social manipulation along gender lines is the myth that beta males will get more sex by openly siding with feminism (actual article subject in Time) by being a male feminist (manginia) and ascribing to this social movement pushing not equality but female supremacy. Or actually insulting to thinking women those men seeking to stop women from being self-actualised responsible adults when they rush forward to ‘rescue’ her…to act as the ‘white knight’ for her with other males.

All this is point scoring or trying to curry favour…it does not make you a man…it is a ‘fuck you’ to your son, your brother or your mate way of conducting life in the 21st century where social conditioning is at war with nature and in this we live with gendered conflict in a divided and ruled society.

WTFU, to criticise the most powerful social movement of the last 50 years is not to criticise women it is to criticise an ideology that is doing all sorts of social harm that needs to be at least discussed openly in the public arena. Shutting down conversation with deletion from internet sites, from your facebook page-as my niece did- or by throwing around the bullshit shaming tactic to men that they are misogynistic or that they are too aggressive or too loud will not help achieve understanding or tolerance for our differences and difficulties.

Feeding the gender war and hyping up ‘normal’ relationship dysfunction serves the masters well…they will be proud of the work done by all the sheeple in their stupid dumb silence and the active work done by all the ‘useful idiots’ thinking there really is a sisterhood that makes everything better!

About mountainmax

My musings including poetry and photography reflect myself as a man concerned about the world, our country (New Zealand), our society, our community and relationships between us humans…being... I have through my life worked in menial jobs, self employed manual and trades, computer operations, farmed as a left over hippy dream (actually more of a punk with internalised spikes) on a small holding, and photography including watching that dream evaporate during the recent recession with the failure to make this as a business pay...I recently worked in a support role at a ‘not for profit’ outdoor education and pursuits centre located in the bush (wilderness)...4 years in the bush was enough for me and I am currently enjoying being back in the city and the life style that goes with that...that and working under corporate style management complete with 'green-washing' to claim environmental integrity that frankly did not exist. While the ethical value of the education in my employment held my attention, the ethical value seems to excuse a poor rate of pay. For me this is reflective of how we as a nation (in common with many other western societies) values contribution to our society. At the other extreme we have a financial 1%er as our current Prime Minister who made his fortune manipulating money in the neo-liberal/globalisation marketplace which he continues to hold up as the nirvana in our lives... I am now in the autumn (fall) season of my life. From this vantage I now appreciate the learning from all manner of experience including the exposure through a radical father to 1960 and 70’s political agitation, human angst of relationship failure, gender conflict in our family legal systems, mental illness and the real life effects of drugs... All overlaid with more recent formal academic study in sociology with some education, anthropology, social policy and history within which gender issues were specifically engaged with... The ‘melting pot’ of experience gives me the cynical idea that most of us are manipulated ‘rats’ on a treadmill. Living life wrestling with barriers to progress as individuals and between us in community, in a world run by psychopaths... … Perversely, I have a sense of excitement at the world we live in, in particular the expansion of the possibilities to communicate to a wider audience, to get past the ‘gate keepers’ in the digital era and to communicate your own truth, to tell our own stories. (see posted extended reasoning for my muse).
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